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Looking back over the past decade, I’m shocked at how much the business world has changed. Just a few years ago, there was only one socially acceptable route: get a full-time job and work there as long as you can. Maybe do something creative on the side, if anything.

Today? People are starting their own businesses, cobbling together creative careers that are just as legitimate as traditional full-time work. These people are working for themselves and harnessing the power of the digital global economy.

I believe that we are in a new era of business. I expect more people to be creating online careers for themselves. Ten years from now? Holy shit, dude.

The Only Job Security is from Owning Your Business

Job security is an absolute myth.

Sure, some fields might have a bit more security than others — like government jobs, or having tenure at a university, but nothing tops you being the job.

During my brief corporate career in Boston, I’ve seen people. I’ve even seen successful, well-respected, profits-generating employees lose their jobs en masse because the company wanted to completely restructure. In my personal life, I’ve seen friends and family members lose jobs again and again through circumstances that were not their faults.

If you work for yourself, however, you never get fired.

Sure, your business has to earn money. But once it does, you’re secure.

It’s in this spirit that more and more people have started working for themselves.

Most of the time when travel bloggers talk about entrepreneurship, they’re talking about 1) starting a travel-based business or 2) starting a blog.

The truth? Most people don’t want to do either of those. Maybe you like living in your current home or town, just traveling for occasional vacations. Maybe you don’t think blogging is for you. That’s totally fine! Most people are like you.

This post is for the rest of you who want a career of your own but don’t want to go the travel or blogging route.

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The Benefits of Starting a Business

Time is yours. Grocery shopping in the middle of the day. Always being able to get a machine at the gym. No more rush hour, EVER.

Ultimate flexibility. I remember reading Baby-Sitters Clubs books when I was little and wondering, “Why do they always take two-week vacations? Nobody has time for that!” Well, now you can do that.

Family-friendliness. Family dinners every night. Freedom to attend parent-teacher conferences, school plays, and shuttle your kid around to activities without having to ask your boss. If your kid has special needs, you’ll have more time to devote to him or her.

Mostly? I refuse to make someone else rich.

When you work for someone else, you aren’t receiving all of the money that you’re earning for a company. Not even close. Maybe if you do exceptional work, they’ll reward you with a promotion or a raise.

Here’s the truth — that promotion is not going to be worth all the money you made them. Besides, you could still lose your job, even if you’re a model employee.

You could have made that money for yourself — and kept all of it, spending it or reinvesting in your future, with no apologies to anyone. Forget making a CEO or shareholders rich — you’re making yourself rich.

That, in a nutshell, is why I work for myself today.

The Creative Accelerator

The Creative Accelerator

The Creative Accelerator is a collection of 13 digital resources sold at a massive discount for only three days once a year. That time is now: January 28-30 only, and then this collection of products will never be sold again.

The resources are sold together for the price of $129.

These products cost more than $2000 if you buy them separately. $129 is a MASSIVE discount, especially considering that half the products cost more than that to begin with! This huge discount is why it only lasts for three days.

What comes in the bundle?

13 digital products focused on creative businesses and entrepreneurship, which work for everyone but have more of an emphasis on beginners or people creating new businesses. (There are also two bonus products if you are one of the first buyers.)

You don’t need to know exactly what kind of business you want to start — in fact, this is probably one of the better products if you don’t know for certain.

For most creative entrepreneurs, one of the biggest roadblocks is just getting started. It’s because of this paralysis that many people give up early or never start in the first place. (This is one of the things I struggle with the most.) Many of the products in this set are designed to give you the organization and direction to power past those overwhelming blocks.

Not every product in this pack will be a home run with you, but most of them cost more individually than you’d pay for the entire pack at $129!

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Products That Are Especially Worth It

3 Info Products in 3 Weeks by Amber Kuivenhoven (value: $197)

If you’re interested in earning passive income, this is an outstanding option — over three weeks, you will build three information-based products and be ready to sell them. You’ll be taught how to create a worksheet, an ebook, and an online course, which you can replicate again and again in a variety of topics!

The LEAP Guide by Leah Kalamakis and Heather Thorkelson (value: $397)

If you want to shift from being a full-time employee to a freelancer, this product is vital. Freelancing isn’t easy, and this course will help you with the steps that many new freelancers struggle with, like building a portfolio, knowing what to charge, and finding clients.

Sweet Spot Style Your Business E-Course by Desha Peacock (value: $295)

If you want to start a creative business but are struggling on exactly how to do that — what to do? How to sell? What you even want out of this? — this course will help you find clarity and move toward building a business that is right for you. Clarity is one of the toughest things to achieve, especially if you have lots of ideas, so it’s good to have help wherever you can.

Build a Thriving Blog by Christine Gilbert (value: $360)

Making a full-time living off your blog is a dream for many people, but starting this late in the game is a big challenge when you’re surrounded by huge, successful sites. This course will get you through your first year of blogging and teach you how to keep it financially sustainable.

The Live More E-Course by Nicole Liloia (value: $97)

This one isn’t business-oriented, but it will help you achieve more personal clarity and live a fuller, better life. This course is a series of writing prompts and exercises to get you to realize exactly what you need to live better. I often don’t realize things until I write them down — this makes the writing habit directed and easy.

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Other Products

Etsy Shop Fundamentals by Lisa Jacobs (value: $30)

If you’re interested in opening an Etsy shop, this will teach you how to do it right and avoid the mistakes new Etsy sellers often make.

Five-Day Content Challenge by Caressa Thompson (value: $77)

Another hugely helpful product with getting started: this will help you map out the first month’s content you will create for your product.

Udemy for Entrepreneurs (value: $99)

If you’re interested in building courses for the popular site, this will show you how to do so.

Unblock Your Creativity by Deb Lange (value: $195)

This course has a variety of exercises and examples to help you branch out your own creativity and apply it to your business.

Learn to Draw and Keep a Sketchbook by Drew Gilbert (value: $149)

Sure, coloring is the trend of the moment — and that’s awakened an interest in art for lots of people, myself included. Why not learn how to do it better?

Bloom True Intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley (value: $39)

A creative generator, this product combines creative prompts in studio art and more general areas.

Map Your Progress by Amy Jones (value: $15)

A lot of the time, it’s difficult to go after specific goals unless you write them out in detail. This product helps you do so and keep track of everything.

How I Get Stolen Content Taken Off the Internet (value: $97)

My stuff is stolen on a daily basis. It’s the price of having your work on the internet. This ebook teaches you how to get it taken down — vital if you end up losing money because of these thieves.

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Who is the Creative Accelerator for?

This collection is for any person who wants to start their own business, especially if they’re not sure what kind of business to start yet.

You might want to get into Etsy selling. You might want to build digital resources. You might want to consult or coach in a field you know well. And you might want to get paid for your blog.

Last summer, I promoted a similar collection of personal development and entrepreneurship resources called The Paradise Pack, which was only available for a week and is no longer available. But it resonated with you guys, since more than 100 of my readers bought the package, myself included!

Is there a difference? Both are great, but they tend to cater toward slightly different audiences.

The Creative Accelerator is more oriented toward a variety of creative businesses and people who don’t know what they want to do for a business. The Paradise Packs of the past have been more oriented toward travel-based businesses and people who already know what kind of business.

There is only one product that appears in The Creative Accelerator and last year’s Paradise Pack: Christine Gilbert’s blogging course. And keep in mind that both collections have different products every year.

But keep in mind that both packages are only sold for a few days per year. The Creative Accelerator will only be on sale through January 30.

The Creative Accelerator

How to Get The Creative Accelerator

Check it out here. The cost is $129 and the products are delivered by email on February 1.

BONUS: If you’re one of the first 1,000 people to purchase, you’ll get two bonus products: Selling Your Art With Print On Demand by Drew Gilbert (value: $180), which is pretty self-explanatory, and A Better Life for Half the Price by Tim Leffel (value: $22), a guide to living well in cheap destinations around the globe.

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Questions You May Have

Can I buy just one of the products? No. They’re only for sale as one single bundle.

Can I buy it after the sale ends? No. This product is only available through January 30 and then it disappears forever. Any future bundles will contain different products.

How do I pay for the product? Credit cards and Paypal are accepted.

How will I receive the bundle? It will be emailed to you on February 1.

Is this just for Americans? No, it’s for anyone and everyone! There are no restrictions. The products are all in English.

Did you buy it, Kate? You fucking bet I’m going to, and I’m paying the full price of $129. Why haven’t I yet? Because I’m waiting to see which bloggers I read are posting about it first. The commission has to go to someone, and I want the commission to go to a blogger whose work I read regularly as a thank you to her or him for all the free content she or he has given me over the years.

Why did you buy it if you say this is best for beginners? I’m actually interested in the 3 Info Products in 3 Weeks course, as I’ve been wanting to explore creating new products, as well as the Live More e-course. The former ordinarily costs $197 — I’m saving money even if I don’t look at any of the other products!

Do you earn a commission? Absolutely. I earn 30% of what people buy through me. The Creative Accelerator is affiliate-based, so someone makes a 30% commission, no matter what. The creators of the products in the bundle earn a higher commission, but I’m not sure how much they get.

Would you be promoting this if you didn’t earn a commission? Ha, that’s a question nobody else would answer! Truthfully, I’d promote it on Facebook and Twitter because I think it’s a great product for my audience and I know the creators, but I wouldn’t devote a whole blog post to it. Posts are valuable and they take me several hours to write, plus I’m crazy backlogged, so I think that would be the best use of my time (and for entrepreneurs, time is money).

Is there anything else I should know? Yes. 10% of proceeds from the sales are being donated to, which provides training to low-income people to work online and grow their opportunities. I hadn’t heard of them until last week and it looks like a fantastic organization!

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Is It Your Time to Start a Business?

It might be your time now.

Will the Creative Accelerator work for you? It depends how willing you are to work. There will be people who buy this and then leaf through the products casually, then never actually do anything — and wonder why it’s five years later and they’re still working at a job they can’t stand.

But if you’re willing to dive in, read everything you can get, and work hard, this will absolutely pay off. And that $129 you spent will be a tiny investment compared to what you’ll be making down the road.

This collection may be exactly what you need to get yourself there.

Get It Before It’s Gone

The Creative Accelerator is only available for 72 hours — then it’s gone forever. Make sure you purchase before Saturday, January 30, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST!

Please note that affiliate links are used in this post. If you purchase The Creative Accelerator, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. By purchasing items through my affiliate links, you’ll help reduce the ever-increasing expenses of running this site. Thanks!  :-)



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